The serene location of Calafia Condos Resort & Villas will bring peace and tranquility to your lifestyle. Enjoy beautiful ocean views, oceanfront strolls, a secluded beach, and a variety of resort-like amenities.
Calafia Condos
Calafia Condos

Calafia Condos Resort & Villas sits atop a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The natural setting allows you to enjoy breathtaking views, sunsets, and marine wildlife.

To the west, the Pacific Ocean crashes into a rocky cliff beach, to the north you have access via a staircase to a secluded sandy beach.

Calafia is famous for its privileged view of marine life. In the early spring, hundreds of gray whales migrate south to the warm waters of Laguna De San Ignacio in Baja California Sur for nursing waters. These waters provide an ideal place for newborn calves.

During their migration south, the whales come very close to Calafia as it is the westmost point in the area and the gray whales travel alongside the coastline.

As summer approaches the whales and their calves travel back north which makes for a second wave of sightings in Calafia.

Throughout the year you will be able to see dolphins and porpoises traveling in small groups, or witness a rare communal feeding were hundreds of these creatures gather for hunting, a truly spectacular sight.

Next time you visit Calafia ask the residents for tales of these sightings.


Getting to Calafia is really easy!

Take either Interstate 5 or Interstate 805 south toward the Mexican border.

If your auto doesn’t have insurance coverage in Mexico make sure you exit the freeway at Via San Ysidro, about a mile before the border, for Mexican Auto Insurance.

As you cross the border, a red or green light will be activated. This is done completely randomly. Green means proceed, while if you get a red, you will be directed to a customs-inspection area.

Don’t be nervous. Just wind down your windows and let the officials take a peek. They might want to look inside your trunk or under the seats. This is quite normal. When they are satisfied that you have no guns or drugs in your vehicle, they will wave you through.

As you depart the customs-inspection area, keep right, making sure you stay under the “Ensenada/Rosarito Scenic Route” signs.

Keep following the signs and wind along 6 1/2 miles of road, you will come to the first toll booth, where you will need to pay approximately (US) $2.50 (USD).

Before the second toll booth, exit at “La Paloma / Calafia Resort & Villas”. Keep heading south on the free road pass Xploration Movie Studios until you see three condo towers along with a sign from Calafia Condos. Slow down and keep in your right lane until you see the little signs that point to the development entrance.

If you pass the Calafia Hotel Arch you just missed it by 20 yards.

The security guards will direct you to the sales office or to your rental property.